GTBAutoConsigns, LLC - A Different Kind of service

GTBAutoConsigns, LLC have a safe payment system for the Internet that protects both buyer and seller from various forms of online fraud, including non-delivery or misrepresentation of goods, stolen credit cards, fake checks and money orders, Nigerian scams, and more. 

GTBAutoConsigns, LLC specialize in online consignment sales for individuals, businesses, and non-profit groups. We sell your items for you on all classified sites such as Geebo, Oodle, Craigslist and send you a check in the mail. Our sales strategy and reputation for selling high quality merchandise, combined with excellent customer service, keeps both buyers and sellers coming back again and again. Our services are available in United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Sounds too good to be true! We get that a lot...

The GTBAutoConsigns, LLC is an advertising agency specializing in the sale of boats, RVs, cars, ATVs and many more. We sell an average of over 8,000 units per month and average 23 refunds. Bottom line is our service works. Not only do we put your item ad on many of the highest rated classified sites and hit local news sites in every state… but the real value is hitting the buyer where they begin their search for items like (Cars,RVs,ATVs)… search engines. Simply put, the more ads you have the higher your ads will appear and they will appear more often on major search engines. So when the buyer begins looking they actually find your ad BEFORE they even get to the classified sites.

We are able to advertise your item on so many different classified sites and classifieds for one simple reason: We buy in bulk! We literally represent thousands of individual sellers like yourself which enables us to leverage that buying power to get your advertising at a 95% discount! Our purchasing power enables us to establish accounts with these classified sites where we can post unlimited item per month for a set fee. We then pro-rate the total amount of advertising expense over the average number of new customers per month. Meaning you pay less and your boat is advertised across a wide array of classified sites and classifieds. This is the “secret” behind how dealers turn over their large inventory of motor items in a reasonable amount of time to make a profit and stay in business. In short, you get a “dealer” type advertising campaign and pay only a fraction of the cost. It is that simple.

Our headquarters is located in Philadelphia, PA 19103. Our mission is to help the people and communities where our stores are located by providing a fun, efficient and secure way to sell valuables online.

GTBAutoConsigns, LLC sells quality merchandise online in the rapidly growing Geebo, Oodle and Craigslist. As of November, 2008, there were over 211 million registered users on Classified Sites, trading over $1,400 worth of goods around the world every second.